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» Introduction to Soil Science
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Introduction to Soil Science

1. Scope of Soil Science and Components of Soil
2. Definition of Soil & Approaches of Soil Study
3. Weathering of Rocks and Minerals:Basic processes of Weathering
4. Physical weathering of Rocks
5. Chemical Weathering of Rocks
6. Biological Weathering of Rocks
7. Weathering of Minerals
8. Chemical weathering of Silicates
9. Soil Forming Factors
10. Passive Soil forming factors
11. Active Soil Forming Factors
12. Soil Forming Processes
13. Fundamental Soil Forming Processes
14. Specific Soil Forming Processes
15. Development of Soil Profile
16. Physical Properties of Soil
17. Soil Texture
18. Soil Textural Classes
19. Soil Structure
20. Factors Affecting Soil Structure
21. Effect of Soil Structure on other Physical Properties
22. Role of soil structure in relation to plant growth
23. Density of Soil: Bulk Density and Particle Density
24. Soil Colloids
25. Types of Soil Colloids
26. Soil Moisture: Importance of Soil Water
27. Ways to Retain Water in Soil
28. Factors Affecting Soil Water
29. Soil Water Potential
30. Measuring Soil Moisture
31. Classification of soil water
32. Biological Classification of Soil Water
33. Soil Moisture Constants
34. Entry of Water into Soil
35. Soil Air
36. Exchange of Gases between Soil and Atmosphere
37. Importance of Soil Aeration
38. Organic Colloids – Soil Organic Matter
39. Factors Affecting Soil Organic Matter
40. Decomposition of Soil Organic Matter
41. Factors affecting decomposition of organic matter
42. Role of organic matter
43. Humus : Humus Formation
44. Properties of Humus
45. Ion Exchange
46. Soil reaction : Acidic, Alkaline, Neutral & soil PH
47. Method of expressing acidity or alkalinity : Soil Acidity
48. Factors Controlling Soil Reactions
49. Influence of Soil Reaction on Availability of Nutrients